Feb 2001

I always knew I was creative even as a child, drawing, creating storylines, editing videos, and much more. Then, during my teenage years, I taught myself Photoshop CS7. I also took an after-school program in Graphic Design in middle school.

Dec 2013

Fast forward 12 years after high school (HS), I worked a lot of random jobs. The colleges I was accepted into, I was financially unable to pay for them. Five years after graduating HS, I applied to The Art Institute of Philadelphia to give it another chance with the help of my mother (the most amazing, caring, and giving mother in the whole world). My mom assisted with the FASFA application. The rest was history. I quit my job the moment I received the news, her and I hugged, celebrated, and jumped for joy in the living room. I packed my clothes, left my home, friends, family, and everything I once knew with $1,200 in my bank account in pursuit of my dream.

Jan 2014

January 2014, officially my first month attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia. I majored in Graphic Design to receive my Bachelor of Science. It was a frigid January; one I could never forget roughly 10 degrees outside. Woahh, the city of brotherly love and sisterly love, I am here and cold!

Mar 2015

In March 2015, I took my first UX/UI course. This course is where I fell in love with web and mobile design. This professor and course changed my life forever and is the reason why I pursued a career in UX/UI.

Jan 2016 — Aug 2016

I am picking up some momentum, landing two internships as a UX/UI Product Designer. Both internships took place in digital agencies and lasted four months in length.

Mar 2017

I officially graduate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design at the top of my class on the Dean's list. I am the second person to graduate from college with a bachelor's degree in my family, right after my sister. (That is my sister on the right.)

Aug 2017

I officially landed my first job as a Digital and Print Designer five months after graduation.

Aug 2017 — Dec 2018

At night after my day job, I freelanced landing web design projects, updated my portfolio, read and learned about UX/UI, taught myself web development, and prepared my pitch for upcoming interviews.

Jan 2019

After six months of pounding the pavement in pursuit of my dream as a UX/UI Product Designer, I officially broke into my sub-field!

Where will my journey skyrocket me to next?

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